PRIME Tele Extrusions Ltd. is the pioneer in developing special polyethylene ducts for fiber optic & other cables in India. Our PRIME PLB Duct successfully meets technical demands of our customer  

The communication sector demands uninterrupted and reliable service for continuous transmission of data. The quality of cable duct systems, in which these vital links are encased, must be dependable and provide the assurance and ultimate in performance to preserve and protect these lines for decades.

Being the latest generation of materials for ducting, PRIME PLB Duct is considered the best protection for these cables and is fast becoming the preferred pipe of choice for telecommunication networks worldwide.
    Product Range  
  PRIME PLB Ducts are available in following sizes  
Sl No. Outer Diameter in mm Inner Diameter in mm Wall Thickness in mm
1 32 26 3
2 40 33 3.5
3 50 42 4
  PRIME PLB Ducts are available in following Types  
PLB Duct
PLB Duct With Rope
PLB Ribbed Duct
  Sizes are also available from 20mm – 110mm as per the customer requirement in the form of Roll up to 1000 meters or straight lengths as per requirements in various colours.


  1. Plastic coupler
  2. End plug
  3. Cable sealing plug
  4. End cap
  5. Duct cutter
  6. Nylon and PP rope
    Quality Standars And Certification  


PRIME PLB Duct is manufactured as per TEC G/CDS-08/02 Nov.2004 amendments, and also as per the customer requirement.

Testing Inspection & Certification

Various tests are conducted in routine on telecom ducts as under:

  1. Visual inspection on outer and inner surface.
  2. Dimensions - Diameter and thickness.
  3. Tensile strength and elongation.
  4. Reversion test.
  5. Environmental stress crack resistance.
  6. Impact strength.
  7. Crush resistance.
  8. Mandrel test.
  9. Quality test.
  10. Coil test.
  11. Oxidation induction test.
  12. Hydraulic characteristics.
  13. Internal coefficient of friction.
REGULAR INSPECTION :- The ducts are regularly inspected by BSNL QA staff to carry out above required all tests for the quality of the ducts.The ducts are despatched after approval from the certifying agency for the quality.

TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE :- Our ducts are duly certified in quality by BSNL QA BANGALORE and we are holding the type approval certificate for manufacturing the above ducts.
    Advantages Of Prime PLB HDPE DUCT  
  • Internally lubricated so that the cable flows smoothly without any friction while blowing / pulling
  • Leak proof joints
  • Durability
  • Superior protection in harsh environment
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Non toxic
  • Traceable
  • Cost effective & permanent
  PRIME PLB Duct cable ducts are used for guiding and protecting cables used for telecommunications, data transmission, energy and electric power transmission lines.  
    Our Reputed Clients  
  1. BSNL
  2. Southern Railways
  3. Railtel
  4. IRCON
  5. Kamdhar Exports (For Exports)
  6. Fibertech Communication
  7. Sri Tirubala Communication
  8. Shyam Telecom
  9. ITI Ltd.
  10. GE India
  11. HFCL
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